Friday, September 9


My Fabulous Fashionista/o friends. 


Wow!! Its been a LONG while. I thought I would make my comeback post something Fashion Week related (seeing as my last post in February was a fashion week one). Alot has happened betweent February and now, as you can imagine. And contrary to belief I've actually missed blogging, but found it hard to get into it again. As much as I wish I had never left (Again), I DID and cant do much about it now!

September is always like the start of a new year for me. So my 'new year' resolution is to complete EVERYTHING I start and ensure I continue to have the enthusiasm for the things I once loved....One of those things being Blogging.

I left Twitter for ages too - and Im back on that, which is working out well. Oooh and I made a Tumblr account. 

Twitter: @PreshOmolara
Tumblr: Fashion Partizan.

Thats all. xoxo

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